‘Warning: Trains Arrive on Time’

An entertaining headline and story from The Bangkok Post today: Rail passengers in Phitsanulok are being warned that trains stopping there will be more punctual during the 45-day track maintenance period for the far northern railway, and should ensure they arrive at the station on time so they don’t miss their train. Saksing Wongsanguansodsri, chief […]

Thai Policewomen Perform Songkran Safety Dance

No, it wasn’t that kind of safety dance. The front page of yesterday’s Bangkok Post was adorned with the photo above. The caption said this group of Thai policewomen was dancing… …to raise awareness about safe driving during the upcoming Songkran festival as part of a wider campaign by police to reduce fatalities and injuries […]

Bangkok Post — in 3D

Given my previous dispatches pointing out interesting tidbits from the Bangkok Post, I would be remiss if I failed to note that yesterday’s edition featured 3D images. E&P explains here. ((Related (kind of): On the Media‘s excellent episode, from July 16, about the future of newspapers.)) Yesterday was the Post‘s 64th anniversary, and the paper […]

Two ads of note in today’s Bangkok Post

Two images ((Please excuse the low-quality cell phone pics.)) of ads that — for varying reasons — caught my eye in today’s Bangkok Post: ((I’m not postulating, mind you, that there’s a connection between the two ads. Just pointing them out.)) First, a follow up on the AP story I pointed out last week. You’ll […]

Front page of today’s Bangkok Post: “Coup, What Coup?”

I mentioned yesterday the Jan. 15 grenade attack on the office of Thai General Anupong, and how the incident underscores tensions within the Thai Army. So I wanted to follow up, just quickly, with a cell phone pic of the front page of today’s Bangkok Post. The story, as you can see, is called “Coup, […]

Kevin Costner’s Turkish Airlines ad in today’s Bangkok Post

Kevin Costner/Turkish Airlines update: here’s a cell phone snap of an ad that appears at the bottom of the front page of today’s Bangkok Post. Background on Costner’s Turkish Airways ad campaign — and a video of the much-discussed “Feel Like a Star” TV spot — are here.

Australian dust storm in the WSJ, IHT, and Bangkok Post

Interesting sight this morning: All three of the newspapers we receive featured front page images of yesterday’s remarkable dust storm in Australia. An AP story about the storm is here, Wikipedia has some info here, and you can find more images from the always-excellent Big Picture photo blog here.

Unrelated train stories in today’s Bangkok Post

Here’s a cell phone pic of today’s Bangkok Post front page, which features two train stories. Glancing at the paper might give you the impression that the articles are related, but they’re not. The headline, “Train services return to normal,” refers to the recent strike by Thailand’s train workers. As the headline says, service is […]

Obama inauguration in Bangkok’s newspapers

President Obama’s inauguration was, of course, front-page news here in Bangkok today. Here’re the top left corner of Thai Rath newspaper, a popular daily ((Thai Rath‘s coverage can be quite sensational. Today’s issue contains three striking below-the-fold images not included in this scan: a man who was killed in a car crash; a woman embracing […]