Thai Policewomen Perform Songkran Safety Dance

2012 04 08 songkran police dancejpg

No, it wasn’t that kind of safety dance.

The front page of yesterday’s Bangkok Post was adorned with the photo above. The caption said this group of Thai policewomen was dancing…

…to raise awareness about safe driving during the upcoming Songkran festival as part of a wider campaign by police to reduce fatalities and injuries from road accidents during the holiday period.

Video of what appears to be the performance, along with other footage, is embedded above and available on YouTube here.

According to Thailand News, the song is called “สงกรานต์ขับไม่ดื่ม Songkran-Kub-Mai-Duem (Drink don’t drive in Songkran).”

Drunk driving is an ongoing problem during Songkran, which marks the Thai new year. Non-stop parties and raucous water fights are common throughout the country during this time.

Songkran runs from roughly April 13-16.

Update — April 13: Fixed the title of this post to correct the spelling of Songkran.

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