Single, Individually Wrapped Bananas for Sale in Singapore

Spotted recently at a 7-Eleven here in the city-state: bananas, in individual plastic bags, bearing the words “single and available.” The sunglasses. The plastic bag, despite — as a colleague pointed out on Twitter — the fact that bananas are naturally individually wrapped. The “tip” at the bottom about when best to consume bananas according […]

By Me Monday: How Singapore’s Grab is Battling Uber Here in Southeast Asia

The story begins: SINGAPORE—Uber Technologies Inc. is locked in major tussles with local rivals in China and India, but a homegrown upstart is also grabbing an advantage in the race for another Asia prize. A startup called Grab is winning ride-hailing turf in Southeast Asia—home to 600 million people, almost double the population of the […]

Singapore Taxi Hack: Mirror for Passengers to Check Oncoming Traffic

I spotted this clever feature in a taxi cab here in Singapore recently. Had never seen anything like it. As you can see in the image above, the car had a mirror affixed to the outside of the rear seat passenger side door. When passengers get out, they can use it to check for oncoming […]

Book Notes — ‘Asian Godfathers,’ by Joe Studwell

Note: I have long kept, on index cards, written notes about the books I read. I decided to share some of these thoughts here, and will be posting them, one by one on individual books, in no particular order. I’ll group them all together on a central page later. Thanks to Derek Sivers for the […]

Recommended: Decker Barbeque, Texas-Style BBQ in Singapore

Highly recommended if you’re in Singapore and have a hankering for smoked meat*: the recently opened Decker Barbeque. On a visit not long ago, the meats — brisket, ribs, pulled pork — were perfectly cooked and well seasoned. And the sides, especially the mac ‘n’ cheese, were all excellent. There is also a kale (yes, kale) […]

By Me Yesterday: Singapore Online Grocery Startup RedMart Hires Amazon Exec

The story begins: Singapore-based online grocery-delivery service RedMart has scored some valuable new talent in its quest to conquer Southeast Asia. The startup said Thursday it has hired a longtime senior executive at Inc. who once spent two years as a technical adviser to Chief Executive Jeff Bezos. Colin Bryar, a former Amazon vice […]

Economist Special Report on Singapore: Complacency Could be Biggest Threat

This week’s Economist has a special report on Singapore. From the intro, called “The Singapore exception”: Singapore is, to use a word its leaders favour, an “exceptional” place: the world’s only fully functioning city-state; a truly global hub for commerce, finance, shipping and travel; and the only one among the world’s richest countries never to […]

Lee Kuan Yew, 1923-2015: Some Links Worth Checking Out

I was traveling when Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding father, died Monday, and haven’t had a chance to blog about his passing until now. (Pictured above: a recent sampling of Singaporean newspapers’ front pages.) Here are some links I suggest checking out. The WSJ obituary: Lee Kuan Yew, who dominated Singapore politics for more than […]