Unrelated train stories in today’s Bangkok Post


Here’s a cell phone pic of today’s Bangkok Post front page, which features two train stories. Glancing at the paper might give you the impression that the articles are related, but they’re not.

The headline, “Train services return to normal,” refers to the recent strike by Thailand’s train workers. As the headline says, service is scheduled to resume today.

The image, caption, and second article, however, refer to Monday’s Metro crash in Washington, DC that killed nine people and injured many more. Two trains collided on the city’s red line.

(As it happens, Thai trains may be running again. But service along DC’s red line is, understandably, still “severely impacted.“)

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This would be great material for one of my old journalism lecturers in the UK He had a file of great editorial juxtapositions, and I think this would rank quite highly.

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