New Yorker cartoon featuring ‘underwater’ Thai food

This week’s Mother’s Day themed New Yorker magazine cover, which you may have already seen, is remarkable. But I also found another element of the issue to be notable — for a reason that should come as no surprise given my previous posts about stateside reminders of Thailand. So: What happens when you combine the […]

Is Thai Street Food Increasingly Expensive Despite Lower Commodity Prices?

The Bangkok Post says so. According to a story in today’s paper, the prices of commodities like meat and eggs has actually been falling over the last year, and fuel prices are now lower or slightly higher than they were this time last year. But vendors, anticipating Thailand’s coming minimum wage increase, have been increasing […]

Are the best new Thai chefs farang?

That’s the provocative title of an upcoming event at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT) that I look forward to attending. It’s on Mon., Dec. 13 at 8 p.m. here in Bangkok. The announcement on the FCCT site helps put the issues — which I’ve mentioned before — into perspective: You have only to […]

Where to eat in Bangkok, by Austin Bush

Visitors who are new to Thailand and have culinary questions about the Thai capital should check out “Where to eat in Bangkok 2010,” a new post by Austin Bush. I can tell you from personal experience that Austin has a great deal of knowledge about Thai cuisine, and he has a good feel for what […]

Pok Pok on the Travel Channel

Pok Pok, the Thai restaurant in Portland, Oregon that I’ve mentioned before, was featured on the Travel Channel program “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.” The segment is embedded below, and you can find it on YouTube here. (Via Oregonian and Thai food expert Austin Bush, who points out that the show was filmed during characteristically rainy […]

My CNNGo audio slide show about David Thomspon

You may recall my recent post about attending David Thompson’s Thai cooking demonstration here in Bangkok. I was there for CNNGo, a recently launched travel and lifestyle site that focuses on six Asian cities. ((In addition to the Thai capital, the site covers Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo.)) I put together an audio […]

Does Sydney have better Thai food than Thailand?

From the Sydney Morning Herald: Wake up, Sydney, and smell the lemongrass. Do you know what’s under your collective nose? Anyone who has lived away from this city for any time suffers withdrawal symptoms for Thai chicken curry, deep-fried snapper with sweet chilli sauce, pad thai noodles or Thai beef salad, whether from Longrain, Chat […]

The best — and only — Thai food in Beaufort, SC

Back in January, as you might recall, my little brother C penned a guest post here at called “Top five restaurants in Beaufort, South Carolina.” C is a serious foodie, and unlike his older brother, he’s spent a lot of time in SC over the past several years. Though it didn’t make his list, […]

Thai Waffle-coated hot dog: in the news

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. The Thai waffle-coated hot dog, which you’ll remember that I consumed in Kanchanaburi in late 2007, has been featured on what is currently the Internerd’s most popular bad-food blog, This Is Why You’re Fat. TIWYF (tag line: “Where dreams become heart attacks”) mentions the creation here. To […]