Journey to America, trip report number 2: Video of Duke’s BBQ

Embedded below is a 48-second YouTube video of my brother C describing our lunch at Duke’s BBQ. Duke’s serves the best Southern food I’ve ever eaten.

C wrote about the place in his Top 5 restaurants in Beaufort, SC post.

The audio is a bit low here, so you might want to turn up the volume. (RSS readers can click here to see the video if it isn’t displayed below.)


The best — and only — Thai food in Beaufort, SC

Back in January, as you might recall, my little brother C penned a guest post here at called “Top five restaurants in Beaufort, South Carolina.”

C is a serious foodie, and unlike his older brother, he’s spent a lot of time in SC over the past several years.

Though it didn’t make his list, I wanted to point out that our sleepy seaside town (pop. in 2000: 12,950) now boasts…a Thai restaurant. ((Side note: The globalization of sushi is well documented. But what about the globalization of Thai food?))

The curiously named Yes! Thai Indeed restaurant has been earning some positive reviews of late. (Not only does the restaurant have a Web site, but they even have their menu (PDF link) and guest book online.)

Will Yes! Thai Indeed make C’s 2010 round-up of Top 5 Beaufort restaurants? Only time will tell.


Top 5 Restaurants in Beaufort, SC

I asked my little brother C, who’s a serious foodie, to list his five favorite restaurants in our home town of Beaufort, South Carolina ((Beaufort, SC is my adopted home town; I moved around a lot growing up, but I spent more time in Beaufort than anywhere else. C, on the other hand, was raised in Beaufort and went to college in nearby Charleston, SC. So he knows what he’s talking about. Trust me.)) Here’s what he wrote:

Beaufort, South Carolina isn’t known for gourmet dinner options or haute luncheons. This coastal town does provide options a-plenty for those seeking local comfort food and a healthy dose of southern charm. Here are my picks for must have Beaufort fare.

  1. Blackstone’s Deli — A popular downtown spot, Blackstone’s sticks to tried and true American breakfast favorites. Think blueberry pancakes with a side of sausage patties. For a local touch, try a cup of stone ground grits alongside fried eggs and bacon.

    Blackstone’s Deli
    205 Scott St.
    Beaufort, SC
    (843) 524-4330

  2. Alvin Ord’s — Clearly a favorite among Beaufort’s lunch break crowd. Alvin Ord’s does lunch right, serving classic deli style sandwiches on fresh baked round buns. Be sure to try the Salvation — ham and salami all the way with four cheeses toasted onto the bun.

    Alvin Ord’s
    1415 Ribaut Rd
    Port Royal, SC
    (843) 524-8222

  3. The Shrimp Shack — If you’re interested in going a bit out of the way, The Shrimp Shack is well worth the drive from town. Family owned and operated, the folks at the shrimp shack serve the only shrimp burger I’d ever eat. Because the docks are literally across the highway, fresh local seafood is the standard. Call ahead to inquire about seasonal operating hours.

    The Shrimp Shack
    1925 Sea Island Pkwy
    Saint Helena Island, SC
    (843) 838-2962

  4. Taqueria by Berto — Forced to move from his downtown location, Berto has reopened in Shell Point with a streamlined menu and restaurant. Simplicity is key here; good value and strong flavors make this Mexican eatery stand out. The tacos are an obvious choice though I would recommend an alambre — a mix of sautéed veggies and meats with a hint of pig oil (lard) topped with fresh soft cheese and served over flour or corn tortillas.

    Taqueria by Berto
    Shell Point Plaza on Parris Island Gateway

  5. Duke’s Barbecue — Last, but certainly not least, is my personal favorite. Once a chain across South Carolina, the Duke family barbecue restaurants now operate independently to bring traditional meat and fixins to anyone hungry enough to partake in the twice weekly buffet experience. The Carolina chopped pork is unmistakable and the pork hash will make you forget about any issues you might have with “everything but the oink” cooking. There isn’t a healthy choice on the buffet, so load up on fried chicken, fried okra, fried corn fritters, or anything else that could conceivably be fried.

    Duke’s Barbeque
    3533 Trask Pkwy
    Beaufort, SC
    843 524 1128

Got any restaurants to add to the list? Add ’em to the comments. Thanks, C, for the write-up. Happy eating, all.


I’m Home in the US

I’m home in the US now. Arrived here on Monday. Spent some time in central PA. Currently in Beaufort, SC. Heading up the coast to Charleston in a few minutes. Visits to NYC and DC will come next.

Friends here in the US: email me for my local mobile number.

Posting here will be light for the time being, but I’ll be sending brief dispatches to Twitter.

For now, I can say this: I just had a quintessential South Carolina Lowcountry meal of fried chicken, okra, mac and cheese, banana pudding, and sweet tea.

It’s good to be home.

Stay tuned, mis amigos.