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If you ask me, dining on an authentic krapow moo kai dao — stir fried pork with chili, basil, and a fried egg — can be a near-religious experience. I firmly believe that a fiery som tam (papaya salad) is one of the world’s greatest dishes. A well-executed gaeng keow wan gai (green chicken curry) has moved me, in times past, to the brink of tears. In short, I can’t get enough of Thai food.

But as an American living in Asia, not only do I appreciate creatively-conceived Western junk food, but I also harbor intense cravings, from time to time, for hamburgers. My god, hamburgers.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve sampled burgers at some of Bangkok’s most popular pubs, in addition a few speciality restaurants that claim to serve “Bangkok’s best burgers.” But I’ve been, by and large, underwhelmed. I’m a minimalist, favoring simple burgers like those served at Five Guys, on the east coast of the US, and by Dick’s in Seattle.

Enter Triple O’s by White Spot, a franchise based in Vancouver, BC. (Yes, Canada.) The joint opened in Bangkok about a year ago — the ones in Hong Kong are popular among foreigners — but I’d yet to visit the establishment, as it’s hidden in the rafters of Central World Plaza.

Having heard of Triple O’s from A (via S, who heard of it through R and J), I was pleased to find a tasty and fresh — though not needlessly gargantuan — patty, a toasted bun, and fresh toppings that included lettuce, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese. I also found the famed Triple O sauce to be a nice touch. The fries were pretty good, too. I’ve heard grumblings that Triple O patties can be thin and lifeless, but mine was substantial. Highly recommended — if you ever get sick of Thai food, that is.

Triple O’s by White Spot
Central Food Hall, Central World Plaza, 7th floor
Telephone: 02 613 1640

For further reading, I suggest “Searching for Bagnkok’s Best Burgers” (written, as best I can tell, before Triple O’s came to town, though the author is knowledgeable and thorough).

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White spot is not in central world anymore, it’s been replaced by red basket. Does anyone know what happened to it? if it moved or if its gone for good?
If its gone, we know who to blame… the red shirts

Hey, so far I liked THE GARAGE but I will try Triple O. Btw. the “Searching for BKKs best burger” link doesn’t work anymore.

Thanks for the tip.

(PS: I must proclaim I love Thai food too, but every once in a while I get that feeling…)

Newley, you have to try Garage for good burgers. I think it’s at Central world, 7th Floor and Four Seasons Place, 2nd floor. It is so good. You gotta try it and get back to me.

Glad I could be of assistance, BangkokDan. Yes, WiseKwai, there’s always pizza. Perhaps I’ll devote a future post to the city’s pizza offerings 🙂

Usually when I’m in that neck of the uh, mall, I gravitate towards Pizza Pizza.

But I do love the taste of a good burger.

Next time I’m good and hungry and in the area, I’ll stop in at White Spot.

Looks like a better deal than another American-style burger restaurant at CentralWorld, and I don’t mean McDonald’s.

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