The best — and only — Thai food in Beaufort, SC

Back in January, as you might recall, my little brother C penned a guest post here at called “Top five restaurants in Beaufort, South Carolina.”

C is a serious foodie, and unlike his older brother, he’s spent a lot of time in SC over the past several years.

Though it didn’t make his list, I wanted to point out that our sleepy seaside town (pop. in 2000: 12,950) now boasts…a Thai restaurant. ((Side note: The globalization of sushi is well documented. But what about the globalization of Thai food?))

The curiously named Yes! Thai Indeed restaurant has been earning some positive reviews of late. (Not only does the restaurant have a Web site, but they even have their menu (PDF link) and guest book online.)

Will Yes! Thai Indeed make C’s 2010 round-up of Top 5 Beaufort restaurants? Only time will tell.

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Hey Gran Gato, I’ve done a bit more research into the topic of Thai food in Beaufort with one interesting find. While not technically within Beaufort city limits, Suwan Thai Cuisine (1638 Paris Ave., Port Royal SC) is located a few miles down the road from our home in Beaufort. I’ve yet to sample the menu but will hopefully do so without delay. Yes, Thai Indeed may just have a challenger to the claim “Best and Only Thai food in Beaufort”.


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