Waffle-Coated Hot Dog: Consumed in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Remember the french fry-coated hot dog that I photographed in Seoul a while back? I mean, seriously, given the international acclaim that followed, how could you forget?

Well, in my ongoing quest to identify and consume hot dogs encrusted in all manner of incongruous snack foods, I bring you the waffle-coated hot dog.

The Waffle-Coated Hot Dog

In a feat of observation that would make Austin proud, I recently spotted — and subsequently scarfed down, lest I fail in my mission — this remarkably-executed example of Euro/American-Thai culinary fusion at a night market in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

The Waffle-Coated Hot Dog

Waffle-Coated Hot Dogs

Waffle-Coated Hot Dog: the Chefs in Action

Per the vendor’s recommendation, I applied ketchup. The result was a flavor profile not commonly encountered in the west: The dish was doughy and sweet from the waffle, meaty and nitrate-infused due to the hot dog, and acidic from the ketchup.

After finishing my snack, I thanked the vendor — the man in the photo above — and asked him what this particular treat was called. He looked at me blankly, turned to his companions, and then took a deep breath. “Waffle…hot dog,” he said.

There you have it. The international language of snack foods, my friends.

LINK LOVE UPDATE, Dec. 16: The Thai waffle-coated hot dog, I’m happy to say, has struck a chord with lovers of silly foodstuffs the world over. It’s been featured on the following fine blogs:’s Fresh Signals, The Food Section,, and Blog on a Toothpick.

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The Asano Family from KC Drive Inn has been serving the infamous Waffle Hotdog for decades in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Actually this is not only found in Thailand. There are stalls in shopping malls here in the Philippines that sell these… also in different fillings between these waffles like tuna salad, pizza toppings, etc.

It looks gross, and a bit undercooked, but it might not be bad. After all, they have “breakfast” versions of the corn dog… a sausage with pancake coating.

hmmm.. maybe if it were a sausage…

“Waffle… hot dog” I love it when people talk to you like you’re stupid… it’s just so funny.

Hi, Dish-a-day, Lee, and Wendy. Glad you enjoyed this post. And yes, Wendy, you’re right: I think maple syrup would have been a wise choice. If only it were an option 🙂

Wow. Due to its similarity to my favorite food of all time, the corndog, I’d be inclined to try a waffle dog. However, I’d use maple syrup rather than ketchup, if such a luxury could be found. Nice post!

This is absolutely brilliant. I am all about this. In Phuket, all you would have to do is set up shop off the end of bangla road on a friday night and you’d make a ton of money off all the drunk tourists. I know i’d be game for some waffle dog action, at least one time at least.

Long live the waffle dog.

A very “nice” woman gave me one of these once. I had no idea what was in store for me as I bit right into it. To my horror there was the hot dog. To be polite I finished it. One of the worst things I have ever eaten in this country. Ever.

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