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What Does a News Homepage Mean in 2015?

Interesting stuff from Melody Joy Kramer and others: What could a home page mean for a news site in 2015?

Last September, I went to Chicago for a conference. On the third day of the conference, I slipped away to my friend Max’s apartment on a mission. The mission was to gather together a lot of very smart people who don’t work in news — and ask them to design a new news homepage.

By news homepage, I mean any way for a user to first encounter content. A push notification could very well be the new news homepage. (Related: Ways to think about push notifications.) An app is a news homepage. An article or a newsletter is a news homepage. If you listen to the news, Overcast or Soundcloud or the iTunes store may be your homepage. Homepage, to me, is simply a shortened version of any of these things. You can substitute any of the words I mentioned for homepage below.

Click through for their 64 ideas.

Quote of the day…

…computing/search/news edition:

The space-based web we currently have will gradually be replaced by a time-based worldstream.

— From “The End of the Web, Search, and Computer as We Know It,” by David Gelernter in Wired.

Worth a read.

A Drudge Report for Thailand?, a new Thailand news aggregation site, aims to be a sort of Drudge Report1 for the Kingdom.2

(Via Bangkok Pundit.)

  1. So far the site hasn’t been updated since yesterday, so today’s news about the train derailment in Hua Hin is absent. []
  2. TTR is modeled on Drudge’s famously bare bones design. So far no sign of the dreaded Drudge siren, however… []

Around the web: August 25th to August 30th

Some links that have caught my eye of late:

CSM to cease daily print publication

Christian Science Paper to End Daily Print Edition. []

The Big Picture

The Big Picture is a new offering from the Boston Globe that presents compelling images and the news stories behind them. Don’t miss the photos of the uncontacted tribe in the Brazilian Amazon.

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