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Yingluck: top story on Drudge Report

A screen grab of what is currently the top story on Drudge Report:

2011 07 04 drudge

The Reuters story Drudge links to begins:

After six prime ministers in six years of sometimes bloody political upheaval, Thais might be excused for shrugging their shoulders about voting in number seven.

But this time there’s one big difference. The new prime minister will be a woman, the first to hold the position in Thailand.

(Via @TheThaiReport.)


A Drudge Report for Thailand?, a new Thailand news aggregation site, aims to be a sort of Drudge Report ((So far the site hasn’t been updated since yesterday, so today’s news about the train derailment in Hua Hin is absent.)) for the Kingdom. ((TTR is modeled on Drudge’s famously bare bones design. So far no sign of the dreaded Drudge siren, however…))

(Via Bangkok Pundit.)