Notes from Thai PM Abhisit’s FCCT Speech

Abhisit Vejjajiva, Thailand’s recently-named Prime Minister, gave a speech at a Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand dinner last night. It was his first address given to the entire foreign press corps. In his 30-minute speech, the 44-year-old, British-born, Oxford-educated Abhisit said he would work to achieve reconciliation and social justice in a country that has […]

Thailand has a new prime minister

AP: “Thai opposition leader becomes prime minister” Lawmakers chose an opposition leader as Thailand’s prime minister Monday in a bid to end months of political chaos, as supporters of the previous government unsuccessfully tried to halt the result by blockading Parliament. The articulate, Oxford-educated Abhisit Vejjajiva, who heads the Democrat Party, gathered 235 votes against […]

Politics in Thailand: battle for the parliament

WSJ: “Rival Thai Parties Vie to Form Government” Thailand’s rival political parties are racing to form the country’s next government this week, with the opposition Democrat Party claiming it has won the support of enough legislators to form a ruling coalition — a move its leaders say could ease the political turmoil that has mounted […]

Bangkok airport closure: more news and analysis

Some updates on the situation here in Bangkok: TIME: “Thailand’s Political Crisis Becomes a Global One” With a demure smile and a garland of jasmine, Thailand has always welcomed the world. China and Japan may have screened themselves off for centuries, but the ancient kingdom of Siam, as Thailand was once known, thrived on trade […]

Bangkok protests: shots fired

I’m looking out my window at central Bangkok. It’s the early evening, darkness has fallen, and people are heading home from work. Taxis cruise by along the road outside my window. People jog around a scenic park. And motorcycle taxi drivers ferry people about. It’s business as usual. But sporadic violence has erupted in other […]

Ongoing Bangkok Protests: Monday Update

Here are some links to media coverage of the ongoing protests in Bangkok today: IHT: “Thai protesters surround parliament” Anti-government demonstrators spread across Bangkok on Monday morning, surrounding the Parliament building and advancing on the police headquarters in what they described as a final push to unseat the government. Officials canceled a session of Parliament […]

Bangkok blast kills 1, injures scores

Bangkok Post: “Bangkok Bomb” At least one anti-government protester was killed and 24 were wounded in a pre-dawn bomb blast Thursday inside a demonstration site in Bangkok, emergency services said. The bomb went off at 3:28am in front of a stage at Government House compound, which protesters from the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) have […]

Obama wins: electoral maps, images, and more

Some links: For a recap of the election, this Wikipedia page — United States presidential election, 2008 — is a good place to start. Newseum has images from today’s front pages. (Here’s a bigger image of the Washington Post front page above.) The Big Picture has a collection of photos of Obama throughout the campaign. […]

Watching the election from abroad

A and I will be gathering around the TV tomorrow (Later today, US time), watching the election results with a group of friends. We’ll be checking out the live news coverage, and I’m sure there’ll be some laptops and smart phones out, with folks consulting electoral analysis sites like the intriguing (Baseball stats-like analysis […]