Audio Slide Show: State of Emergency in Bangkok

Following my previous effort, here’s a 2-minute, 18-second audio slide show I put together after spending some time at Government House today. That’s where PAD protesters are demonstrating against Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej. Early today a protester was killed and several were seriously injured, which prompted the government to declare a state of emergency.

Despite the fact that gatherings of more than five people have been prohibited, the protest felt much like a carnival: protesters clad in yellow — a color that represents their beloved King — stood in front of a large stage and listened to various speeches. Others relaxed under tarps and clapped, chatted, and snacked. Riot police stood by a few blocks away.

“We are fighting against the tyranny of Thaksin and Samak,” one protester told me. “We are willing to give up our lives for freedom.”

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My audio slide show from last week can be found here.

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[…] Newley Purnellは、抗議をする人々を観察して、こういう。 「5人以上の集会を禁じられたにもかかわらず、抗議運動はお祭り騒ぎみたいだ。抗議に参加している人々は敬愛する国王を象徴する色である黄色の服を着て、大舞台の前に立って、様々なスピーチに耳を傾ける。防水シートをかぶってリラックスして、手をたたき、おしゃべりをし、軽食を取る人もいる。機動隊は数ブロック離れたところにいた」 […]

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