Typhoon Longwang

China Post:

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) suggested yesterday that people in Taiwan come up with alternative recreational programs if they had mapped out outdoor plans for the weekend.

CWB officials said Typhoon Longwang, the 19th-named storm of the western Pacific typhoon season, has been heading west toward Taiwan from the east, is expected to bring heavy rains to the island tomorrow and Sunday if it keeps the current course.

With maximum wind speeds increasing to 221 kilometers per hour, Typhoon Longwang was located at around 1,250 kilometers east of Taiwan while it was gathering strength on the way headed for Taiwan and China.

The center of Longwang (King Dragon), named after the god of water and rain in Chinese mythology, was about 873 km (543 miles) east-southeast of Naha on Japan’s Okinawa island chain at 9 a.m. local time Thursday, the Pacific regional Joint Typhoon Warning Center said, in the latest advisory on its Web site.

(Emphasis mine. I’m trying to suppress my snickering here…)

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