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NN268: Playful Puppies

Newley stray dogs Hong Kong

👋 Hi friends,

Welcome to the latest edition of Newley’s Notes, a weekly newsletter containing my recent Wall Street Journal stories, must-read links on tech and life, and funny dog videos.

👉 Image of the week, above: I recently participated in a work-organized volunteer outing at the Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation shelter here in Hong Kong. The fine folks at that group are looking after more than 100 dogs. Among them is this handsome fellow, named Lucas. Click through to their website to find out how to support the organization.

Here are 10 items worth your time this week:

1) 👉 Juneteenth – June 19 – is now a U.S. federal holiday. People across the country gathered Saturday to commemorate the date. [The Guardian]

2) 🏈 Carl Nassib, of the Las Vegas Raiders, became the first active NFL player to announce he is gay. [ESPN]

3) 💰 Someone in tiny Lonaconing, Maryland, population 1,200, won $731 million in a state Powerball lottery in January – but no one knows who. [Washington Post]

4) ðŸ”Ŧ File under “the world in 2021”: Hand-held anti-drone weapons are a thing. [The Drive]

5) ðŸŽĩ Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” was released 50 years ago this week; musicians reflect on the album’s greatness. [New York Times]

6) 🎎 Steven Spielberg has signed up to make movies for Netflix. [WSJ]

7) ðŸ”Ĩ Art-related story of the week: “Scientists Recreate Stone Age Lamps and Torches to See How Ancient Artists Illuminated Caves.” [Inside Science]

8) ✏ïļ On the culture of documents and meetings at Amazon. [Justin Garrison]

9) ðŸ’ŧ How inexpensive netbooks for students in Argentina empowered a generation of musicians. [Rest of World]

10) 📚 Just out: the season two trailer for “Ted Lasso.” [YouTube]


ðŸĶī Dog-related video of the week:

🐕 “There are two types of dog.” [Imgur]


ðŸ’Ą Quote of the week:

“We must not allow the ignoble to injure the noble, or the smaller to injure the greater. Those who nourish the smaller parts will become small men. Those who nourish the greater parts will become great men.” – Meng Tzu


👊 Fist bump from Hong Kong,


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