Hurricane Sandy NYC Update (Sunday Evening, Oct. 28): The Storm Approaches

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Here’s the latest as of 11:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 28. (You can find previous posts via the Hurricane Sandy tag.):

2012 10 28 grocery store sandy


  1. The city’s subways, trains, and buses have ceased operation, and many people are evacuating the NYC metropolitan area, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  2. The storm is expected to make landfall, perhaps in central New Jersey, late Monday. (See this New York Times interactive map and the National Hurricane Center site.)
  3. NYC residents continue to prepare for the storm. Folks have been stocking up on goods ahead of the storm’s arrival. This was the scene, above, at a grocery store I visited this evening. The line for the cashiers stretched around the interior of the shop, with items like water and bread in short supply. But the atmosphere was calm and orderly.

New Maps

2012 10 28 nyt hurricane sandy evacuation zones

The New York Times has a good interactive feature (pictured above) showing NYC’s hurricane evacuation zones.

2012 10 28 hurricane sandy NASA

Here’s a NASA image, above, showing the hurricane from space.

2012 10 28 hurricane sandy weather underground tracking

This Weather Underground tracking map, above, shows the hurricane’s projected path over the coming days. has a map showing evacuation centers, possible storm surges, Red Cross emergency shelters, and more.

Other Stuff


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