Hurricane Sandy NYC Update (Mid-Day Monday, Oct. 29): Storm Strengthens, Should Make Landfall Tonight

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2012 10 29 cuomo sandy presser
Above: New York Governor Cuomo at a press conference this morning.

A quick update as of 1:45 p.m. today (Monday):


Hurricane Sandy is getting stronger and should make landfall late tonight (Monday).

The New York Times reports:

Hurricane Sandy churned through the Atlantic Ocean on Monday en route to what forecasters agreed would be a devastating landfall that is expected to paralyze life for millions of people in more than a half-dozen states in the Northeast, with widespread power failures, a halt in transportation systems and extensive evacuations.

The Wall Street Journal says:

Hurricane Sandy strengthened again late Monday morning, packing 90-mile-an-hour winds, and was expected to make landfall near the New Jersey-Delaware border Monday night, unleashing life-threatening storm surges along the Eastern Seaboard.

Here’s what Broadway near Columbia University looked like at about 1 p.m. today. It was windy and there was a light rain, and there weren’t many cars on the street.

2012 10 29 hurricane sandy broadway

New (to me) Map

2012 10 29 wsj hurricane sandy tracker

The WSJ has a hurricane tracker map, seen above.

Other Stuff


As I noted in my previous post, I’m maintaining a Hurricane Sandy NYC Twitter list. It has 16 members, and I’ll be updating it in the days ahead.

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