11 Links


Some Thailand-related, some not:

  1. Understanding Shakespeare: Towards a visual form for dramatic texts and
  2. 10 Tips on How to Write Less BadlyThe Chronicle of Higher Education
  3. Never Ending
  4. It’s Back-to-School Season for the Water Buffalo, TooWSJ
  5. Wine: Self-Serve Filling Stations Arrive at French Supermarkets — GOOD
  6. Mattel introduces new Journalism Barbie — Boing Boing
  7. The implications of coloured movementsBangkok Post
  8. The Hamster Wheel: Why running as fast as we can is getting us nowhereCJR
  9. Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweetedThe New Yorker
  10. Debate Over Meaning of Standoff in EcuadorNYT
  11. What Really Happened in Ecuador: Eyewitnesses deny police kidnapped the president, and there’s no evidence a coup was in the making. — WSJ

Image above: Clouds, Birds, Moon, Venus, by Isaac Gutiérrez Pascual — Astronomy Picture of the Day

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