Souse-Vide take on Korean french fry encrusted hot dog

John and My Brother with French Fry-Encrusted Corndogs
The image that launched a culinary meme

Austin explains:

Here in Bangkok were so taken by the inherent genius of the dish, not to mention Lees’s breathtaking reverse engineering feat, that we decided to attempt our own ‘modern’ interpretation of the French fry-coated hot dog on a stick.

Our contribution to the genre? The dish pictured above: sous-vide potato confit with panko crust and hot dog foam. Unlike Lees, Hock has a modern kitchen at his disposal, and he took full advantage of this to apply cooking techniques that would best highlight each of the dish’s individual ingredients while not losing sight of the dish’s street origins. I think you’ll agree that we succeeded in this.

Don’t miss the excellent images that accompany Austin’s post.

So there you have it: Culinary innovation and cultural diffusion in action.

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