Images: Volcanic Activity, Stock Photos, and Fireworks

Richard Wanderman has pointed to a couple of good photo-related items of late: Recent Volcanic Activity (the third from the bottom is my favorite — simply wonderful) and a Slate story called “The Weird Science of Stock Photography.” (And don’t miss Richard’s own images from the 4th of July: “A Different View of Fireworks.”)

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I was certainly interested in your link to the Weird Science of Stock Photography – thought it seems to focus only on Getty.
Still. as a Stock Photographer, it illustrated quite a lot of dilemmas in check trends and particularly the longevity of a stock image. It’s really very difficult to know what will sell and of course the points concerning anniversaries are heavily culturally based – things might get even weirder if events like Lu Xun’s should be a future trend.
Still it’s all part of the fun of Stock Photography

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