Happy iCal Day

Caution: Mac Geekery Ahead

Today* is iCal Day: the one day of the year** when the iCal icon’s default date, July 17, is accurate. iCal is Apple’s calendar application; some call it quirky, but I love it for its simplicity.

*It’s also my pal Lee Lefever‘s birthday. Happy birthday, Lee.

**Insert joke about Macs being “glorified Fisher-Price activity centres for adults” here.

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2 replies on “Happy iCal Day”

I too love iCal and use it daily. I’ve not yet reupped with .mac/MobileMe but if/when I ever get an iPhone the syncing is gonna be sweet (and when they get it all working properly).

This new theme is fantastic Newley, it works beautifully. Congratulations.

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