A Street Food Expedition

Yesterday I had the pleasure of undertaking a fantastic culinary adventure with my pal — and fellow Thailand blogger — Austin B, author of the excellent RealThai blog.

Austin is a gifted photog, a foodie’s foodie, and an old Siam hand. He’s got a great write-up of some of the delicacies we sampled on Langsuan soi 6, which is just around the corner from my house:

Today was something of an informal Bangkok Bloggers Summit. I trekked all the way to the Lang Suan area to meet with Newley Purnell of www.newley.com fame. Newley has been blogging since 2001, an era when, I believe, the word blog had yet to be coined. What did they call it back then, Newley? Online Diarying? Internet Loggery? Pointless Frivolity?

Newley lives just minutes away from Lang Suan Soi 6, a tiny alley that, come lunchtime, is a virtual magnet for hungry Thai office staff of every stripe. We decided the partake in the madness and dove directly into the heart of the soi. More or less halfway down we came across a raan khao kaeng, rice and curry shop, that serves up some very interesting looking nosh, and our fate was sealed.

Pictured above is an image Austin snapped of some tasty nam phrik kapi with deep-fried mackerel we tucked into; be sure to check out his post for even more great photos. I felt honored to break bread with Austin, as he has an amazingly vast knowledge of Thai vittles. (And, as Austin points out, we ate at the very curry shop where I was famously laughed at by a gaggle of Thai women back in August.)

More of Austin’s photography can be seen on his portfolio site and his Flickr page.

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