Nalgene Bottles Inscribed with Foreign Language Cheat Sheets


Bottles in Translation is a company that takes Nalgene Bottles and prints foreign language translations of popular words and phrases.

If you’re travelling in a foreign country and you’re embarrased of having to pull out a little translation book, you can pull out your drink bottle instead and look up foreign language translations while maintaining your cool.

The company offers translations in Spanish, French, and Italian, and offers bottles in six stylish colors.

$15.99 per bottle.

Interesting idea, but I have to say their tag line seems rather ridiculous: “Don’t stand out like a tourist; fit right in with…BOTTLES IN TRANSLATION!”

Because, you know, when you’re hiking Machu Picchu or bumming around Vilnius or eating banana pancakes on Khao San Road, no one will know you’re just a tourist when, confronted with a sticky situation, you turn to your custom-inscribed Nalgene instead of a phrase book.

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