I’m still sifting through emails that piled up last week; while I find my footing, here’re a few items of interest:

–Be sure to check out Dana’s re-vamped Number One Hit Song.

CJR: “A Technical Guide for Editing Gonzo: Hunter S. Thompson from the other end of the Mojo Wire”

ClickZ: “Study Bolsters Blog-Related PR Practices”

The trend toward PR agencies setting up blog-specific practices got a boost this week, as a new study found that more than half of journalists use blogs in the course of their work.

Taiwan Tiger:

In the neverending attempt to conserve and save money here in Taiwan (not like anyplace is exempt from that, of course….), comes this gem. My school, instead of placing separate toilet paper dispensers in each stall of the faculty bathrooms, has a central dispenser…

–The writing process simplified: “Sniff. Explore. Collect. Focus. Select. Order. Draft. Revise.”

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