A Look Back at 2012: Some Notable Posts and Stories

2012 has been a memorable year for me.

In addition to writing some stories that I’m quite proud of, I departed Thailand after six years to begin studying for my Master’s in Business and Economics Journalism at the Columbia Journalism School in New York City. (I’m on winter break now and am writing this from Bangkok.)

Here’s a look back at some of my favorite posts from the last twelve months. Some entries are lighthearted, while others are more serious. At the bottom, I’ve linked to a few of my favorite pieces of non-Newley.com writing.

As you’ll see — first things first! — in March, my soccer team won our league. As the year progressed, I posted my notes from Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s speech to the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand and blogged about the landmark elections in Myanmar (Burma). And who could forget what happened in May: Lady Gaga arrived in Bangkok.

In New York, I wrote briefly about some of my classes and posted my notes from three memorable talks. First, R. Glenn Hubbard and Jeffrey Liebman, economic advisors to President Obama and Mitt Romney, debated business and economics issues at Columbia. Then Bob Woodward delivered an inspirational speech to Columbia Journalism School students. And I wrote about a talk Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt gave at the 92nd Street Y.

And, finally, as the year ended, I blogged about Hurricane Sandy hitting the New York area. (Indeed, it has been quite a year: I didn’t even blog about another two significant events from the fall: President Obama’s re-election and the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings.)









Other Writings

A couple of stories I wrote for the Wall Street Journal stand out: I reported on some “creative” watering holes in Bangkok and wrote about all things vintage Thailand*.

For Bloomberg BNA, I covered a wide range of issues, from political reforms and economic sanctions in Myanmar to a new rare earths processing plant in Malaysia. (I would link to the pieces, but they’re subscriber-only.)

And finally, this fall I penned a couple of pieces for Covering Business, a Columbia Journalism school Web site. One offered tips for business journalists who want to freelance abroad. The other was about covering tourism industry shocks.

Thanks, as ever, for reading. I always welcome feedback, so feel free to leave a comment or send me an email: newley@gmail.com.

* As I noted earlier, I was happy to see that the nostalgia story was included in WSJ Scene Asia‘s list of their top Asian travel stories of the year.

**Links to all of my stories are on my Journalism page.

Newley.com in the New Lonely Planet Thailand

2012 03 07 newely LP

Thanks to Richard Barrow for pointing out that Newley.com is one of the Bangkok blogs mentioned in the new edition of the Lonely Planet Thailand guide book, which is out this month.

This modest site is recommended as part of a boxed text feature on Bangkok sites called “The Inside Scoop.”

Some of the other blogs mentioned include 2Bangkok, Austin Bush Photography, Patrick Winn’s Global Post blog, and Greg Jorgensen’s Greg to Differ. (You can find more Thailand-related blogs on my Links page.)

You may recall that Newley.com appeared in Lonely Planet’s last edition, as well. I am honored.

(Image: Richard Barrow.)

Self-promotion: a few Newley.com programming notes

2011 07 12 cartoon

A few quick programming notes, now that things have slowed down a bit following Thailand’s recent election.

The vote attracted global attention, and Newley.com has some new readers.

So here’s a reminder of what you can find here, and as well as a few ways to connect with me elsewhere.

Recent work

  • You can find links to some of my recent stories on my Journalism page.

    I’ve also started linking to many of my pieces on the right side of every page, under the “selected recent stories” heading.

Elsewhere on Newley.com

  • The Popular Posts page contains some greatest hits, organized by topic.
  • I maintain a list of Thailand-related blogs and other sites I like on my Links page.

Get in touch

  • The About/Contact page contains my bio and lists ways to get in touch. I’m always happy to hear from folks, and enjoy getting feedback — negative or positive — on the site.
  • My email address is newley AT gmail.com.
  • You can also get in touch on Twitter. I’m @newley.
  • All Newley.com posts can be found at: @newleydotcom.
  • And there’s a Newley.com Facebook page.

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That’s it for now. Thanks, as ever, for reading.

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Some of this year’s most popular posts

As 2010 comes to a close, here’s a quick re-cap of this year’s most popular Newley.com posts.

Due to the events in Thailand over the past several months, it will come as no surprise that many of the more than 61,000 people who visited Newley.com in 2010 accessed material related to the red shirt protests and Thai politics. Some of these posts included:

Some of the most popular non-red shirt-related posts included:

Thanks, as ever, for reading.

Self-promotion: a roundup of some recent stories


I have devoted numerous posts to Thailand’s ongoing political instability of late, often linking to various media reports. But I realized that I have neglected, in recent months, to point to some of my own stories. So here’s a re-cap:

In addition to filing pieces about breaking news in Thailand for ABC News Radio in New York,1 I am now covering business and economics issues in the region for BNA, in Washington, DC.

I cannot link to my BNA stories here since they’re subscriber-only, but some recent topics I have covered include:

  • Thailand’s Map Ta Phut industrial estate issue2
  • Labor issues and economic governance in Vietnam
  • Asia’s economic recovery
  • How exporting firms in Thailand are using the country’s various free trade agreements

I also recent wrote a recent story for AFP about Thai rice farmers and free trade. You can see the piece on the Jakarta Globe site here. It ran on March 7.

And, finally, I have written a number of fun travel/lifestyle stories for CNNGo.com of late. Here are a few:

(Cartoon via.)

  1. I’ll try to give you a heads up next time a story is due to run. I’ll most likely mention it quickly on Twitter. []
  2. Hence my interest and subsequent posts on the topic here at Newley.com []
  3. You’ll recall that I blogged about the Siam Sunray here a while back. []