Gone Fishin’

As I mentioned in my previous edition of Newley’s Notes, I’ll be on summer holiday for the next couple of weeks. Back at you later this month!

5 Most Popular Newley.com Posts from 2017

Here are the five most popular Newley.com posts from last year, measured by number of visits. What proved to be most-clicked were largely my personal dispatches about matters like the late, great Ashely, and our various travels: Ashley, 2008–2017 – A tribute to our beloved Bangkok street dog, who died on March 7. My Top […]

My Top 10 Posts from 2016

Here are the ten most popular posts from Newley.com this year, measured by number of visits. I will refrain from speculating on the reasons. Food, tech, weird animals, soccer — the Internet, I learned a long time ago, works in mysterious ways. Recommended: Decker Barbeque, Texas-Style BBQ in Singapore — A report from what is, […]

Gone Fishin’

I won’t be posting anything here until after the new year, though I may be Tweeting sporadically in the meantime. Happy holidays! (Image via.)

Personal Blogging: Everything Old is New Again

Blogging — at one’s own custom domain, as opposed to scribbling away over at Medium or penning an email newsletter — is cool! Seriously, is it 2014, or 2004? Fred Wilson: There’s a bit of a renaissance of real personal blogging here in NYC. Two of the original NYC bloggers have, after years of writing […]

Gone fishin’

I won’t be posting anything here until after the new year. In the meantime, you may be able to find me on Twitter. Happy holidays! (Image via.)

A Look Back at 2012: Some Notable Posts and Stories

2012 has been a memorable year for me. In addition to writing some stories that I’m quite proud of, I departed Thailand after six years to begin studying for my Master’s in Business and Economics Journalism at the Columbia Journalism School in New York City. (I’m on winter break now and am writing this from […]

Newley.com in the New Lonely Planet Thailand

Thanks to Richard Barrow for pointing out that Newley.com is one of the Bangkok blogs mentioned in the new edition of the Lonely Planet Thailand guide book, which is out this month. This modest site is recommended as part of a boxed text feature on Bangkok sites called “The Inside Scoop.” Some of the other […]

See you in 2012

I won’t be posting anything here until the week of Jan. 9. You might catch me on Twitter before then, though. If you’re looking for something to read, check out the recent stories I link to from my Journalism page. Or click over to the Popular Posts page for evergreen Newley.com posts. I hope you […]