A Psychedelic Temple for the Ages

I’m not quite sure how I missed this story by Drew Zeiba in The Architect’s Newspaper in June. It begins: Tucked away on a tree-studded, 40-acre plot just a quarter mile from the Hudson River, one of New York’s most unusual construction projects is underway. The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM)—a transdenominational church and registered […]

Weekend Watercolors: Bangkok Temples

The latest in my ongoing weekend attempts to master* the watercolor medium. Here we see temples in Bangkok, with skyscrapers in the background, done from a reference photo. I like that I was able to keep everything in proportion in the line drawing. I’d hoped for bolder, more saturated colors, but couldn’t seem to produce […]

Book Coming Out Later This Year: ‘The Art of Atari’

“The Art of Atari,” a book by pop culture author Robert V. Conte and designer Tim Lapetino set for publication in October, looks really amazing. From the description on Amazon: Sourced from private collections worldwide, this book spans over 40 years of the company’s unique illustrations used in packaging, advertisements, catalogs, and more. And: The […]

My Favorite Artist at Art Stage Singapore: Yang Yongliang

In my post a couple of weeks ago about Art Stage Singapore, the annual Asia-focused exhibition held here, I promised to post some more photos. Here goes. I really, really enjoyed walking around the space and taking in all the varied works. These iPhone snapshots are meant to show a sampling of what was on […]

Highly Recommended: Art Stage Singapore

Yesterday A and I attended the final day of Art Stage Singapore, held at the Marina Bay Sands exhibition center. It’s an art fair where galleries from all over the world display various works, with a focus on Asian contemporary art. Here are a few of my Tweets from yesterday about pieces with technological* themes. […]

A polished version of the vintage Thailand travel poster

You may recall that I pointed out a striking vintage Thailand travel poster back in January. The image comes from the Boston Public Library’s collection of travel posters, viewable on Flickr. Here’s the poster again: Fast forward a few months. I received an interesting email yesterday from a Tim in Massachusetts. He wrote: …I came […]

On Classic Fishing Lures, Art, and Urban Legends

Fishing tackle as objets d’art? Damn straight. Field and Stream‘s got an excellent photo gallery of the 50 Greatest Fishing Lures of All Time, many of which are simply beautiful. The Dardevle Spinnie, for example, is awfully pretty. I also love the sleek Rapala, the flamboyant Rooster Tail, the irreverent Hula Popper, and the bulbous […]