Flags of the World, Graded

The world’s flags given letter grades is a tongue-in-cheek look at national symbols that are rarely viewed from an artistic standpoint:

Some time ago, browsing through my friend’s atlas, I realised that there are significant differences in quality between the flags of different countries. Some are good, some are bad. Some countries have clearly taken care in the choice of colours, layout, and design. Others have been lazy, stolen the flags of their neighbours, or just designed flags that are clearly supposed to cause pain to those who look at them.

To my surprise, there is no international body responsible for upholding simple standards of vexillilic aesthetics. Nor do the UN or Interpol have the power to call in and punish those responsible for such atrocities as the Brazilian or Cypriot flags. I suppose there is probably a conspiracy of rich western nations (those with permanent seats on the UN security council, no doubt) to prevent such crimes from being brought to justice; however, in the meantime I am giving letter grades to the existing flags of the world.

Here’re the A grades, the failing grades, and an alphabetical listing of countries.

(Via Kottke.)

Fishing Lures Decorated by Artists

Artists' Fishing Lures

CRANKbait! Lures of Distinction: “What would happen if you shipped 20 unassembled old-timey wooden fishing lure kits off to be finished by a bunch of artists? It turns out that the answer is CRANKbait! Lures of Distinction.”