More on ‘SEJEAL’ Stickers and Iranian Bombing Suspects

2012 02 21 bkk post

Following up on a Tweet I sent last night:

Today’s Bangkok Post — a pic of the front page is above — has more on the “SEJEAL” stickers and the Iranian bombing suspects. The Post says:

City police are looking into possible links between last week’s central Bangkok bomb blasts and the posting of a string of stickers with an enigmatic message, a source said.

Fifty-two stickers bearing the word “Sejeal” were found posted along a road in Klong Toey district.

They were similar to stickers found at the house where the first of three blasts occurred on Sukhumvit Soi 71 on Feb 14, at another house on Ramkhamhaeng Road rented by suspect Leila Rohani, 31, and under the seat of a seized motorcycle believed to belong to one of the suspects.

The posted stickers were put up on either electricity posts or large signboards starting from an area under a footbridge on Duang Phithak Road in Klong Toey, which runs parallel to the expressway heading for southern Phloenchit Road.

The stickers’ trail ended at the mouth of Soi Ruam Rudi near Phloenchit BTS station.

The total coverage of the sticker-posting was about 1.5 kilometres.

The source said investigators believed the bombers used the stickers to mark spots where bombing attacks could be carried out.


Police believed Israeli officials often travelled along Duang Phithak Road, which eventually leads to the Asoke area, where the Israeli embassy is based.

The word “sejeal” may refer to a passage in the Koran that tells of a miracle when birds from heaven dropped “sejeal stones” on an army riding elephants from Yemen who were attempting to kill Mohammed, scaring the animals and saving the prophet’s life.

Here are larger images from today’s paper:

2012 02 21 bkk post suspect

And a pic of one of the stickers in question:

2012 02 21 bkk post sejeal

Elsewhere, a Google Image search reveals a few pics in the Thai media of a what looks like police examining several other “SEJEAL” stickers around Bangkok.

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(Images: Bangkok Post.)

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