How to transfer domains from GoDaddy to DreamHost

I wrote the following text a few months back, and in an effort to publish some long-neglected drafts, I decided I’d dust it off and share it. My Web host is DreamHost, but a while back I registered several domain names at I’m happy with Dreamhost and figured I’d consolidate my domain names and […]

Thailand flooding: maps and details

Note: This post is from March, 2001. For more posts about flooding in Thailand as of Sept./Oct., 2011, see the Thailand Flooding tag. First, here are maps of the affected areas, as these seem to be in high demand. This is from the Bangkok Post: And there’s this more detailed graphic, from the Nation: The […]

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Some Thailand related, some not… An election will not fix Thailand’s woes — Pavin Chachavalpongpun at East Asia Forum The Challenges of Working Remotely — Lessons from Late Night — Tina Fey in the New Yorker (Subscription only. Worth seeking out and reading.) How Many Americans Have a Passport? The Percentages, State by State […]

Tourists stranded on Koh Samui

Today’s Bangkok Post: Flights to Koh Samui were cancelled for the second day in a row, and ferry services stopped, as worried residents and trapped tourists stayed indoors on the island, being battered by prolonged heavy rainfall. At 1.55pm, Bangkok Airways flight PG 103 took off from Suvarnabhumi airpotl with passengers bound for Samui but […]

New Asia Foundation survey on Thai political attitudes

Yesterday the Asia Foundation released a new survey on political attitudes in Thailand. The full title is “2010 National Survey of the Thai Electorate: Exploring National Consensus and Color Polarization.” Here’s the full survey (large PDF file). From the press release: [The survey] is one of the most rigorous and comprehensive public perception surveys conducted […]

TMB bank ad: Thailand’s Panyee FC and the floating soccer pitch

TMBbrand on YouTube: TMB bank have launched a new brand vision “Make THE Difference” by making a film to inspire people to start thinking differently. With a hope that they will start to Make THE Difference to their own world. It doesn’t have to be big, but a little can create positive changes. This film […]

Notes from Thai PM Abhisit’s FCCT speech

As promised, here are some quotes from Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s annual Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand speech last night. But first, a few general observations. This has been been noted many times before, but I just want to reiterate: Abhisit is quite a skillful politician. He is a highly articulate English speaker, making […]

Japan crisis: aid groups, Asian manufacturing, and Thai elections

Three items that have caught my eye of late: WSJ: Aid Groups Temper Their Contribution International relief organizations are raising donations, delivering water and blankets, and setting up children’s centers to aid victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. But compared with last year’s earthquake in Haiti or the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that […]