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New Asia Foundation survey on Thai political attitudes

2011 03 28 thai politics

Yesterday the Asia Foundation released a new survey on political attitudes in Thailand. The full title is “2010 National Survey of the Thai Electorate: Exploring National Consensus and Color Polarization.”

Here’s the full survey (large PDF file). From the press release:

[The survey] is one of the most rigorous and comprehensive public perception surveys conducted since the tumultuous political events of April-May 2010. The survey explores the depth of color divisions in contemporary Thailand; key topics covered include the state of democracy in Thailand, elections, conflict and security, and options for reconciliation.


The survey results suggest citizens are not as politically divided as politicians, analysts, and the media frequently suggest. In reality, the mainstream Thai population (76%) professed no color attachment to either Yellow or Red movements. The data also reveals that there was considerable internal diversity or factionalism within these movements, with no consensus in citizen understanding of the primary objectives of the Yellow and Red movements.

(Emphasis mine.)

(Graphic: The Asia Foundation.)

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