Friedman in Singapore

From the Jan. 29 NYT: Serious in Singapore. Includes observations on economics, public policy, education, and more: I am in the Gan Eng Seng Primary School in a middle-class neighborhood of Singapore, and the principal, A. W. Ai Ling, has me visiting a fifth-grade science class. All the 11-year-old boys and girls are wearing junior […]

Thai PM Abhisit on Egypt protests Thai PM: Leaders must exercise restraint against protesters Thailand’s Prime Minister has called on leaders troubled by civil unrest to exercise restraint, less than a year after a bloody military crackdown on the streets of Bangkok. Abhisit Vejjajiva sent in government troops to quell long-running Red Shirt protests in the Thai capital last May. […]

One year ago today

— AFP today: “Thai government, army deny coup claims.” — Bangkok Post today: “Suthep brushes aside coup claim.” — The Nation today: “Isoc denies coup plot” One year ago today — Jan. 27, 2010 — this was the Bangkok Post‘s front page: No larger point to mention at the moment — political uncertainties obviously remain […]

Economist on yellow shirt protests

From The Economist: Thailand’s nationalist protesters: Yellow badge of courage: YELLOW polo shirts? Check. Plastic hand clappers? Check. Nationalist banners? Check. And so the supporters of the right-wing People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) once again took to the streets of Bangkok on Tuesday, ready to stand up to a treacherous government. In the past, the […]

Tilt-shift Thailand video

Here’s a cool Thailand video (embedded below) by Joerg Daiber. The tilt-shift technique gives the various scenes an interesting, miniature-like quality. Toy Thailand from joerg on Vimeo. (Via CNNGo.)

Social media and Thailand’s red shirt protests

Note: This post contains a story I wrote for the fall, 2010 issue of Dateline, the magazine of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand. I am reproducing the article here with the club’s permission. I have added images and links to various Web sites, but the text remains the same. Social media and Thailand’s red […]

NYT/IHT: “Thai Inquiry Into Violence Falters”

Powerful story in the NYT/IHT today: Thai Inquiry Into Violence Falters BANGKOK — A zookeeper was shot and killed as he was leaving work. An antigovernment demonstrator who sought shelter in a Buddhist temple was shot five times but lived, possibly because a coin in his satchel deflected a bullet. A soldier who rushed to […]

New Chronicle story on fund raising in Singapore

I’ve got a new story in the global edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education. It’s called “Starting From Scratch: Fund-Raising Lessons Learned in Singapore.” The first few graphs: Mention fund raising in Singapore, and one person’s name inevitably comes up: Kheng Chuan Chew. He has become practically synonymous with big donations to the country’s […]

Vintage Thailand travel poster

UPDATE — April 7, 2011: Here’s a polished version of the poster. Here’s a very cool, vintage Thailand travel poster from the Boston Public Library. Caption: “Siam. Beautiful Bangkok, the Jewel city of Asia.” “Date issued: 1910-1959 (approximate).” From the library’s Travel Posters collection, which contains some real gems. (Via @babyfishie.) Image: Boston Public Library, […]

Could ASEAN bid for the World Cup? (cross posted to Siam Voices)

Note: This post originally appeared on Siam Voices, a collaborative Thailand blog at Asian Correspondent. I have added an update. Yesterday’s Bangkok Post: Asean kicks around plan to host World Cup Asean foreign ministers have agreed to propose to the grouping’s leadership that the region host the World Cup in 2030 as a group, diplomatic […]