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NYT/IHT: “Thai Inquiry Into Violence Falters”

Powerful story in the NYT/IHT today:

Thai Inquiry Into Violence Falters

BANGKOK — A zookeeper was shot and killed as he was leaving work. An antigovernment demonstrator who sought shelter in a Buddhist temple was shot five times but lived, possibly because a coin in his satchel deflected a bullet. A soldier who rushed to help a fallen comrade after an explosion suffered severe brain damage from a second blast.

The tales of the dead and wounded from the political violence last year in Bangkok could fill volumes. But they are not filling case dockets in the Thai courts.

Eight months after troops swept through Bangkok and dislodged protesters from their barricaded encampment, investigations into who was responsible for about 90 deaths and nearly 2,000 wounds have faltered.

Don’t miss the accompanying photos, “Portraits of the Wounded.”

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