The Best (and only) Creperie in Bangkok

Get thee to Gridskipper and check out my gustatory musings on Bangkok’s Crepes & Co.

Spotted in Bangkok: Collectible Lighters Featuring World Ethnicities

I saw these lighters for sale in a 7-11 here and I knew I simply had to have them all. Click on the photo to read the writing — they say, from left to right, “Thailand,” “Indian,” “Chinese,” and “African.” Collect ’em all! (At 15 Baht, or roughly US $.40 each, these remarkable artifacts are […]

“Withnail and I”

I’d resolved to post, in this space, only items related to my travels. But last night I had occasion to view one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen, and I’ll go nuts if I can’t share it with you all. “Withnail and I” isn’t a new movie, but it’s new to me. The British […]

Notes from Indonesia

Me looking silly in Jakarta So. Jakarta. My notes from that portion of the trip are long overdue. Here’s what I’ve got: Why I went People have asked me why I decided to visit Jakarta — since Indonesia, apart from Bali, is not a typical Southeast Asian tourist destination. Well, first of all, I was […]

LUXE City Guides and Worldmapper

In two recent Gridskipper posts, I drool over the new-to-me LUXE City Guides and point out the supremely cool map/data mashup called Woldmapper (sample image above). Thanks to Matt G. for showing me his LUXE: Hong Kong book.

Lee, Sachi, and TWINF

I had the pleasure of meeting Lee and Sachi Lefever two nights ago. I’d corresponded with Lee for a while but I’d never had a chance to meet him or Sachi in person. As luck would have it, we were all arriving in Bangkok at the same time (I was coming from Jakarta and they […]

Malaysia Re-Cap

Before I tell you about Indonesia, let me relate the details from my final days in Malaysia. As I mentioned before, I enjoyed myself immensely there. In no small part because of the food, which consists of various cross-pollinations between Indian, Chinese, and Malay cuisines. Here’re a few pics: After five days in Penang, a […]

Four Days in Jakarta

I just got back to Bangkok after four days in Jakarta. I have many things to say and some vivid images to share. Which I shall do tomorrow.