Lee, Sachi, and TWINF


I had the pleasure of meeting Lee and Sachi Lefever two nights ago. I’d corresponded with Lee for a while but I’d never had a chance to meet him or Sachi in person.

As luck would have it, we were all arriving in Bangkok at the same time (I was coming from Jakarta and they were coming from India). So we met up and had a few drinks at Saxophone Pub. They’re both enthusiastic and interesting people, and I’m delighted to have had a chance to hang out with them.

Lee and Sachi quit their jobs in Seattle in December and are currently traveling around the world. And they’re chronicling their experiences on their excellent blog, The World is Not Flat (otherwise known as TWINF). In addition to making good use of moblogging technology, their site is radical in that they’re soliciting travel advice from the public. They’ve got about eight months to go, so be sure to check out their site and contribute your own recommendations.

Below’s a pic Lee took of us on a Bangkok Skytrain platform using his Treo Smartphone (a gadget of which I am highly envious), and here’s his account of our night.

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