The New World Hum

The World Hum crew has just re-launched their site — and it’s excellent. Check it out. RSS, some new features, a re-vamped blog. All great stuff. (You may recall that I wrote a story about eating soup in Bangkok for World Hum a few years back; it’s here.)

Now That’s a Catfish I Wouldn’t Wanna Noodle

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Fishermen in northern Thailand have caught the biggest catfish on record — a 646-pound (293-kg) giant the size of a grizzly bear — and eaten it, the WWF and the National Geographic Society said on Wednesday. The giant catfish, believed to be the largest freshwater fish ever found, was caught along the […]

Notes from a Tech Convention

Tom Deja attended a recent technology convention in Chicago and has some very funny observations. Like: As we walked into the hall, past the world’s fastest electric car (supposedly; as far as I could tell it was a large fiberglass canoe), through the sheet of steam onto which was projected a live image of the […]

Bloglines and RSS

Ever since discovering Bloglines a few months back, I’ve been meaning to write about how much I love the service. So here goes. Prepare to be proselytized (just like I’ve previously raved about delicious and Firefox and the Mac experience). You’ve heard me mention RSS before — though a better way to describe RSS would […]

Promising New Travel Site

43 Places: “…the ultimate place to share stories about the corner joint and destinations across the globe.” Pretty cool.

Ecuadorian Slang

UPDATE: January 24, 2011 — The link below appears to be broken. Here’s a different compendium that seems to contain many of the same words. Chuta! Here’s a fabulous list of Ecuadorian slang. It’s full of gems — although I’d add a few choice words I remember from my year at latitude zero. Namely, buenaso […]


I’m still sifting through emails that piled up last week; while I find my footing, here’re a few items of interest: –Be sure to check out Dana’s re-vamped Number One Hit Song. —CJR: “A Technical Guide for Editing Gonzo: Hunter S. Thompson from the other end of the Mojo Wire” —ClickZ: “Study Bolsters Blog-Related PR […]