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Newley’s Notes 188: Troubling Goods on Amazon; Call-Out Culture; Best Productivity Books; Dogs Playing with Piglets

2019 08 26 night canyon

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Hi, friends. Welcome to the latest edition of Newley’s Notes.

Here are ten items worth your time this week:

👉 1) An important story by my colleagues Alexandra Berzon, Shane Shifflett and Justin Scheck: Amazon Has Ceded Control of Its Site. The Result: Thousands of Banned, Unsafe or Mislabeled Products [WSJ]

“A Wall Street Journal investigation found 4,152 items for sale on Inc.’s site that have been declared unsafe by federal agencies, are deceptively labeled or are banned by federal regulators – items that big-box retailers’ policies would bar from their shelves.”

🔮 2) Misinformation Has Created a New World Disorder [Scientific American]

“…designers of the social platforms fervently believed that connection would drive tolerance and counteract hate. They failed to see how technology would not change who we are fundamentally – it could only map onto existing human characteristics.”

💬 3) I’m a Black Feminist. I Think Call-Out Culture Is Toxic [New York Times]

“Recently, someone lied about me on social media and I decided not to reply. “Never wrestle with a pig,” as George Bernard Shaw said. “You both get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.””

🌎 4) Yes, I’m Feeling Bad About Climate Change. Let’s Discuss. [MIT Sloan Management Review]

“What does science tell us? The answer is frankly terrifying – as in, it’s unclear how much of the world we inhabit will be recognizable and livable.”

🧭 5) The American Missionary and the Uncontacted Tribe [GQ]

“John Chau’s mission had ambitions for a great awakening, but what awaited instead was tragedy.”

⚙️ 6) The best books on Productivity [David Allen interview at Five Books]

“…the strange paradox is that the people most attracted to getting things done are the people who need it the least. ”

🧘 7) Silicon Valley’s Crisis of Conscience [New Yorker]

“There are two kinds of people: those who know nothing about Esalen and those who purport to know everything about it.”"

🚀 8) Nasa said to be investigating first allegation of a crime in space [BBC]

“Nasa is reported to be investigating a claim that an astronaut accessed the bank account of her estranged spouse from the International Space Station, in what may be the first allegation of a crime committed in space.”

💨 9) Trails of Wind [TrailsOfWind]

“The architecture of airport runways.

🐕 🐷10) Watch this 135-pound dog fall in love with a tiny piglet [The Dodo]

💡 Quote of the week:

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso

👊 Fist bump from New Delhi,


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