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NN 159: Apple’s India Woes; Year’s Best Longreads; NYC Diners; Silly Dog Pics

2018 12 30forest

Here are ten items worth your time this week:

😐 1) Literally Just A Big List Of Facebook’s 2018 Scandals [Buzzfeed News]

“If you thought 2018 was tough for you, imagine being a staffer in Facebook’s public relations department.”

🔖 2) Best of 2018 [Longform]

“We recommended 1,138 articles articles this year. These were our favorites.”

🎮 3) Fortnite isn’t a game, it’s a place [Charged]

“Not only is Fortnite the new hangout spot, replacing the mall, Starbucks or just loitering in the city, it’s become the coveted ‘third place’ for millions of people around the world.”

🍳 4) What 24 hours in a diner taught me about New York [Economist/1843]

"I’d petitioned the owner of the Chelsea Square, John Lapsadis, to let me spend 24 hours at one of his booths, to see life here from sunrise to sunrise. He’d shrugged. ’Do what you want.’”

⛔ 5) Digital detox: Resorts offer perks for handing over phones [AP]

“Some resorts are offering perks, like snorkeling tours and s’mores, to guests who manage to give up their phones for a few hours. Some have phone-free hours at their pools; others are banning distracting devices from public places altogether.”

😞 6) Latent Prejudice Stirs When a Black Man Tries to Join a Charleston Club [NY Times]

“Dr. Brown was the only African-American nominee, and the only one to receive a subtle tap on the shoulder on the way back into the room. Eleven black marbles had been dropped in his box.”

📺 7) Few people are actually trapped in filter bubbles. Why do they like to say that they are? [Nieman Lab]

“Media choice has become more of a vehicle of political self-expression than it once was…Partisans therefore tend to overestimate their use of partisan outlets, while most citizens tune out political news as best they can.”

👂 8) Amazon error allowed Alexa user to eavesdrop on another home [Reuters]

“The customer had asked to listen back to recordings of his own activities made by Alexa but he was also able to access 1,700 audio files from a stranger when Amazon sent him a link, German trade publication c’t reported.”

⚽ 9) The best football tweets of 2018 [BBC]

“…what’s important here is not the actual events themselves but how the beautiful game was documented on Twitter.”

😂 10) Dog-related image of the week: Picture makes me laugh every time!! [Reddit]

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