New: Get iOS Alerts for My WSJ Stories

IMG 1870

Last week we launched a new version of The Wall Street Journal iOS app. (If you don’t have it yet, just update it in the App Store from your device.)

One of the cool new features: the ability to receive alerts for new stories from specific reporters (ahem, like me, or any of my colleagues!).

To sign up, just click on my name in the byline of a story.

To do that, open up the new app and:

  1. search for “Newley,”
  2. click on one of my stories
  3. scroll down to my name in the byline
  4. click the plus sign

Once you do that, the screen will look like this:

IMG 2045

Then you’ll get an alert like the one at the top of this post whenever one my new stories goes live.


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