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In This Week’s Newley’s Notes: Cameron Caught Humming; NYC Library Superintendents; Singaporean Banana Commerce; Epic Hockey Hair

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Single, Individually Wrapped Bananas for Sale in Singapore

I shared this on Twitter and Facebook, as well, but wanted to preserve it for posterity on my blog. As I wrote:

Spotted recently at a 7-Eleven here in the city-state: bananas, in individual plastic bags, bearing the words “single and available.”

The sunglasses.

The plastic bag, despite — as a colleague pointed out on Twitter — the fact that bananas are naturally individually wrapped.

The “tip” at the bottom about when best to consume bananas according to ripeness.

It’s all too much.

5 items that are worth your time this week:

1) “David Cameron is caught humming a jaunty little tune after announcing his resignation as UK prime minister.”

Must-see video. Remarkable. The phrase “fiddling while Rome burns” comes to mind.

2) New York libraries once hosted live-in superintendents – meaning they and their families grew up in the facilities:

In the early to mid twentieth century, the majority of the city’s libraries had live-in superintendents. Like the superintendents who still live in many of the city’s residential buildings, these caretakers both worked and lived in the buildings for which they were responsible. This meant that for decades, behind the stacks, meals were cooked, baths and showers were taken, and bedtime stories were read. And yes, families living in the city’s libraries typically did have access to the stacks at night—an added bonus if they happened to need a new bedtime book after hours.

The post contains some interesting images.

3) “20 of the Best iPhone Photos of 2016.”

There are some gorgeous photos here. My favorite is the fourth from the top. You’ll know it when you see their faces. (Via Patrick N.)

4) Chinese Lottery Winners Collect Prizes Dressed as Cartoon Characters to Protect Their Identity

Simply amazing. And practical! Who wants all those friends and family members hassling your for dough after you’ve struck it rich?

5) “2016 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team.”

Incredible video. I cannot believe teenagers wear their hair in such styles in modern America. (Thanks, Miles!)

Have a great week!


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