12 Links

Some Thailand-related, some not:

  1. Mike Tyson Explores KierkegaardThe Wall Street Journal
  2. How Y’all, Youse and You Guys TalkNew York Times dialect map
  3. As New Services Track Habits, the E-Books Are Reading YouThe New York Times
  4. Professional soccer clubs are great entertainment—and terrible investments — Quartz
  5. Asia Foundation survey – Part 1: Who are the Thai protesters? — Bangkok Pundit
  6. The blog is dead, long live the blog — by Jason Kottke; more here
  7. Earth Wind Map — “a visualization of global weather conditions”
  8. Who has the hardest World Cup 2014 draw?The Guardian
  9. Things fitting perfectly into other things —
  10. If Premier League Team Names Were Based On Their Logos — BuzzFeed
  11. A Family of Anchormen — Ron Burgundy at
  12. Video embedded above and on YouTube here: “David Thibault – Elvis – Blue Christmas.”

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