Thai Airways Plane Veers Off Suvarnabhumi Runway; 13 Injured

2013 09 09 thai airways

  • Happened late last night (Sunday night), Bangkok Post reports.
  • Flight TG679, from Guangzhou.
  • Nose gear collapsed; plane slid off runway
  • At least 13 injured
  • Delays expected today (Monday) at Suvarnabhumi airport

The Bangkok Post reports:

A Thai Airways International flight from China veered off the runway as it arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport Sunday, and the airline said at least 13 people were injured in the rough landing.

Authorities at the airport said they could not clear the accident, and flight delays were likely Monday.


THAI president Sorajak Kasemsuvan said the airline had not moved the aircraft from the runway, which was blocked as of Monday morning. There was no need to switch flights to Don Mueang airport, as Suvarnabhumi could manage the situation.

However, some delays are expected for both inbound and outbound flights using the airport on Monday, he said.

The Nation has a story and some photos.

For more, you can see the Thai Airways Twitter feed:

And Richard Barrow has also been Tweeting some images and other information.

Note that Thai Airways says 14 were injured; Bangkok Post says “at least 13”; Nation says 13.

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