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  1. The Professor, the Bikini Model and the Suitcase Full of TroubleThe New York Times Magazine
  2. Noma’s Co-Owner Thinks Bolivian Food Is the Next Big Thing — Bloomberg Markets
  3. In Public Eye, Shining Star of Myanmar Loses LusterThe New York Times
  4. A Friendly Conversation with a Banker — The Billfold
  5. The problem with online freelance journalism — Felix Salmon/Reuters
  6. Revenge of the sources — Ezra Klein/The Washington Post
  7. What Saved the Dow? Sensible Economic PoliciesJohn Cassidy/The New Yorker
  8. Thailand’s illegal immigrants: A deadly cocktailThe Economist
  9. Pad Thai — The Morning News
  10. Missing Nutella, Part 2: Columbia Puts Consumption Far Below ReportThe New York Times‘s City Room blog
  11. China’s ‘farmscrapers’ are highrises that will generate their own food — io9
  12. Video embedded above and on YouTube here: “Space Glider – FPV to Space and Back!”

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