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Thailand Police Chief Visits Thaksin in Hong Kong

Here’s a reminder — as if any were needed — of how influential (and controversial) Thaksin Shinawatra remains here in Thailand.

Apparently national police chief Priewpan Damapong recently paid a visit to the exiled former prime minister in Hong Kong. Priewpan was reportedly on holiday and wanted to visit Thaksin — his ex-brother-in-law — on the ousted PM’s birthday.

Priewpan is now taking heat for the one-day trip, with Thaksin critics saying the visit was unethical — and that Priewpan should have arrested Thaksin.

The Bangkok Post reports today:

National police chief Priewpan Damapong has come under fire after leaving the country to meet fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra in Hong Kong.

Anti-Thaksin critics said Pol Gen Priewpan either breached the law or seriously violated professional ethics in failing to arrest the former leader.

As national police chief, Pol Gen Priewpan had to arrest Thaksin when he met him, they claimed.

Thaksin is in self-imposed exile to escape a two-year prison term for helping his wife purchase a plot of state land in Bangkok during his stint as premier.

Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung Wednesday responded to the criticism saying he did not think Pol Gen Priewpan violated any law by meeting his former brother-in-law, who is celebrating his 63rd birthday in Hong Kong today.

“Why was it inappropriate?” Mr Chalerm shot back when asked to comment by reporters.

He said Pol Gen Priewpan had taken leave to travel to Hong Kong, and could not be considered to have failed to perform his duty because the national police chief had no duties to perform overseas.

Our laws do not apply in Hong Kong,” Mr Chalerm said.

There’s more from The Nation.

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2 replies on “Thailand Police Chief Visits Thaksin in Hong Kong”

Who knew the police chiefs jurisdiction extended so far? Possibly not even Gen Priewpan I guess……………. The dems as usual talking complete rubbish, this one is up there with the fairy story Interpol arrest warrant and Khun Thaksin being extradited from Dubai. Anything to distract attention from av’s ever increasing problems.

The dems and their daddies are taking a bashing in the courts now, faced with a strong determined PM they are running around like headless chickens, the finger is firmly on the “SELF DESTRUCT” button, more meaningless rubbish, democrat party headquarters is without leadership, intuition and above all popularity, try winning an election before shooting your mouths off……and BTW who is the dem spokesman this week? hard to keep track of who the latest mouthpiece is.


Ah the dems once again trying to put forward a picture of themselves as the “moral” and ‘ethical” police of Thailand. Everyone can see their standard of ethics and morality so nobody will pay the slightest attention to this story.

Is it possible that The Nation Multimedia Group could do a front page special on the dem party and crimes currently placed at their door which are being investigated by countless domestic and international agencies including the International Criminal Court. Is there a good investigative reporter here?

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