Off topic: Carl’s Jr. is Coming to Thailand

2012 04 19 carls jr bangkok

Burger and fast food gluttons fans only…

Given my past writings about hamburgers in Bangkok, I feel compelled to point out this news: the well-known U.S. burger chain Carl’s Jr. says it is opening an establishment here in Bangkok on May 15.

As you can see in the Tweet below, a restaurant representative says the establishment — apparently one of three to come in Thailand — will be located on Thanon Thaniya, in Bangkok’s Silom area.

And there’s more where that came from.

According to the Carl’s Jr. Thailand Facebook page, the chain is also set to open branches on Sukhumvit Soi 24 and in the city of Pattaya.

Carl’s Jr. restaurants are generally located in central and Western U.S. states. But East-coast fast food fans should fret not: Carl’s Jr.’s parent company apparently owns Hardees and serves their signature biscuits.

(Hat tip to Patrick Winn for spotting the Soi 24 site.)

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If I recall correctly there used to be a Carls Jr on the corner of Petchaburi Rd and Thanon Witthayu about 15 years ago

We already opened our first branch at Pattaya’s Central Festival, next one on the plan is Sukhumvit 24 with Thaniya following. We should know the exact opening date of the 2 branches around end of July. So, please keep talking about us 😉

Well I went to the address yesterday, and spent a half hour looking for it, asked several motorbike taxi drivers if they knew, and was offered “massage” many times, with no luck.. .. Where did you get the info? Their fb page doesn’t mention the Silom branch..

Hmm. The Tweet from Carl’s Jr. — see above — says they’re opening on Thaniya Rd. Sorry to say I don’t have any additional info.

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