10 Links

Some Thailand-related, some not:

  1. 2012 Pulitzer winners in journalism and arts — The AP
  2. Barcelona’s Secret to Soccer Success —
  3. How one man escaped from a North Korean prison campThe Guardian
  4. Economic Theory Plots a Course for Good FoodThe New York Times (Via A.)
  5. Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?The Atlantic
  6. “I Survived a Bear Attack” — Slate
  7. The Pipe Organ Desk —
  8. You No Longer Have a Right to Privacy — Big Think
  9. Faculty Gives Yale a Dose of Dissent Over SingaporeThe New York Times
  10. Embedded above and on YouTube here: New Mandala’s “Asia-Pacific future trends.” (Academics from Columbia University and the Australian National University answer the question, “Based on what you know of the Asia-Pacific region, what keeps you up at night?”)

(Previous link round-ups are available via the links tag.)

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