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Bangkok Post: Environmental Group Seeks to Stop Industiral Estate Flood Walls

Just a quick note: A story in today’s Bangkok Post caught my eye. It says:

Industrial estate operators are hitting back at activists seeking a court order to halt anti-flood dyke construction, saying the work is urgent and needed to regain investor confidence.

The Stop Global Warming Association is today asking the Central Administrative Court to issue an injunction suspending construction of anti-flood dykes being built at seven industrial estates inundated during last year’s floods.

The association president, Srisuwan Janya, has said that the barriers would cause damage to the homes of villagers living nearby in the event of future floods.

He also said the permanent floodwalls would have serious social and environmental impact, altering natural water-flow routes.

But Thavich Taychanavakul, managing director of Hi-Tech Industrial Estate, said construction of the new dykes is under way in order to win back investor confidence and get ready for the coming rainy season.

I’ve noted Thailand’s flood prevention plans as rainy season approaches; today’s news could represent a significant development.

Sirsuwan Janya, of course, is head of the environmental group that brought the lawsuit over environmental concerns surrounding the Map Ta Phut industrial estate. Some $10 billion of projects were suspended for nearly a year.

It’s unclear, of course, what will happen with this, Srisuwan’s latest effort. But I wanted to point the story out for now.

UPDATE: There’s more from MCOT.

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