Thailand flooding update, November 2, 2011: Front page of today’s Bangkok Post

I’ve been pressed for time today, so this won’t be a full-length post. But I wanted to share this cell phone pic:

2011 11 02 bkk post front page

This is the front page of today’s Bangkok Post.

I wanted to point it out to illustrate that there still seems to be a great deal of uncertainty about what will happen next with the flooding situation.

While authorities have said in previous days that things seemed to be improving, this is the headline we see today.

Yes, I’m aware that this is, ultimately, the newspaper’s description of events, but still: Just glancing at their home page now, two adjacent headlines are as follows:

09:33 p.m.: Flood advances into Bangkok
09:22 p.m.: Situation ‘will be better soon’

Just noting this, for the record.

Elsewhere, here are stories today from the AP and Bloomberg.

And, for perspective, here’s an AP story from yesterday about the Thai king and water management through the years.

That’s it for now. More soon.

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