Bangkok Post on the two Thais killed on 9/11

A piece in today’s Bangkok Post tells the story of the two Thais killed on September 11:

Ten years after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York, the Liangthanasarn family is still struggling to come to terms with the loss of their youngest daughter, Orasri, who was killed in the disaster.

Orasri, 25, was one of two Thais who died in the Sept 11, 2001 attack which would come to be known as 9/11. She was working as an administrative assistant at the Windows on the World restaurant on the 106th floor of the World Trade Center.

Thai-American Saranya Srinual, 23, a bond trader, was also killed in the attack. Neither her body, nor that of Orasri, have been found.

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9/11 – I am watching the names read – somehow, I missed Ms. Liangthanasarn’s but I remember. I have a friend who is Thai, who asked me to help – we went over to the hangar on the West Side, where we talked to people there, getting information they needed. Every year, I look for her name but somehow did not hear it this year, but I’m sure it was read. So I’m taking a moment to say here that I remember that day, and Orasri, the young Thai woman who died there. I will not forget – my own husband is Thai, and it touches us to know that amid the many different people who died there, two of them were his people. On that day, they became everyone’s ‘people.’ My heart went out and still goes out to their families (I did not realize there was a Thai-American who died there as well).

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