Luke Cassady-Dorion on “Farang Pok Pok”

I’d been meaning to point this out for a while: Luke Cassady-Dorion began hosting a Thai-language TV show back in January. It’s called “Farang Pok Pok.” Luke is a Bangkok-based American yoga teacher, ex-software engineer, and skilled linguist.

In each episode, Luke heads out into the countryside to meet local people and embark on various adventures. In the first episode, for example, he visited clam farmers in Samut Sonkram.

As a student of the Thai language, it’s inspiring to see Luke put his skills to use. The Women Learn Thai site has a rundown of the first episode (embedded below), along with various vocabulary and phrases Luke uses.

For more info, see Luke’s site or the “Farang Pok Pok” Facebook page. For details on Luke’s approach to learning Thai, I suggest checking out this interview on the Women Learn Thai site.

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