Southern Thailand hit by flash floods

First it was flooding in central and northeast Thailand. And now the country’s south has been hit.

Here’s the front page of today’s Bangkok Post, which includes an image of flooding in the southern Thailand city of Hat Yai:


From the accompanying story:

Rescuers have struggled to get help to thousands of people stranded in their homes after three days of heavy rain triggered a massive flash flood that knocked down power poles and cut communications in Hat Yai city.

Officials said tens of thousands of people were trapped yesterday in the southern commercial hub which is facing its worst-ever flood crisis.

Torrential rains since Monday caused by a depression in the Gulf of Thailand engulfed Hat Yai municipality and many other areas of the South.

Many districts are under as much as three metres of water. One resident has been electrocuted during the flooding.

And here’s a closer look at weather patterns in the region — a larger image is here.


(All emphasis mine.)

(Screen captures via @RichardBarrow, who is tweeting images and updates on the situatuion.)

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